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Below is a list of support files, you would have been contracted and instructed as to which file you will need.
If the file is password protected, you will need to enter the password emailed to you to gain access to it.
If you have any problems contact support@hortplus.com for more support.

File: SV 2009: Data Entry 4.2
File: SV 2009: Analyst 4.1
File: SL 2011 ADMIN Upgrade
File: HortPlus Micro-Logger Software v3.0 (full install)
File: HortPlus Micro-Logger Software v4.0
File: HortPlus HC Micrologger install (x64)
File: HortPlus MetWatch (full install)
File: HortPlus MetWatch (exe) - Accumulating Bacchus
File: HortPlus MetWatch (exe) - Summer Rots
File: HortPlus Forecast 5.0 Install
File: SprayLog 2011 Manual Install
File: CropIRLog Upgrade

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